Cheat Terra Monster EXP Hack 2012

Cheat Terra Monster EXP Hack 2012.


-You will need to use the Terra Monsters Coins Cheats first.

-Open Cheat Engine
-Select process (For Chrome users, check the Tutorial section to understand how to select which process)
- Purchase some 10%, 40% xp boost potions
-Eat a 10% potion
-Scan "10" 
-Eat a 40% potion
-Next Scan "40"
-Eat a 10% potion
- Next Scan "10"
-Repeat till only 1 address remain as shown in video
-Change value to 50,000
-Eat a Share XP potion to get XP for all 3 monsters
-Have fun with the Terra Monsters EXP Hack

See the Video:

Credits: Ivan Milisic
Editor : Azies De Cheaterz


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ThE SatZuu (New Generation) 19 Mei 2012 19.10

aku ada nih cheat darah , cash , damage , ngurangin darah musuh , :)

Zaidi Hansemboy 20 Mei 2012 14.59

ngan tolong buatin cheat war comannder plzzzzz

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