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Uprising empire

Uprising Empires is a free to play Browser Based MOM-Strategy game that allows you to interact and battle with over 10,000 players in a bold attempt to unify the world under your rule. The game is created by Tara Games, the maker of Exoplanet War.


Set in the Middle Ages, Uprising Empires allows you to play the role of a fledging young warlord from the Ottoman Turk's, Mongolian Empire, Kingdom of Jerusalem or the Byzantine Empire whose destiny is to strengthen your kingdom, unite your empire and destroy rival regimes.

Each civilization is uniquely designed with an array of different attributes, skills and weaponry which you must master along the way if you are to become the undisputed emperor of earth. Throughout your journey to become number one you will build bases, train armies as well as creating and customize your equipment to engage in brutal battles for supremacy on a truly epic scale.

Feel the intensity and ferocity of life in the Middle Ages with a large range of military units and a comprehensive alliance system that allows players to create civil wars with other alliances and even mount a challenge for the throne before invading rival empires across the world.

Zone War Uprising

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