Cheat Marvel Avengers Alliance Hack Bonus Points 2012 New

Marvel Avengers Hack Bonus Points Cheat 2012.

  1. Download the Cheat file from the links above.
  2. You need to have Cheat Engine 6.2 installed [Cheat Engine 6.2 Installer]
  3. Open the downloaded Cheat file (Marvel Avengers.CT)
  4. Click YES when they ask if you want to activated the lua script
  5. Select the chrome process (Watch video to know which process to select)
  6. Now enter the game. [Avengers Alliance]
  7. Select the cheats and press SPACEBAR to toggle the cheats.
  8. Once the Score Boost is selected, you will get millions of points for every fight. This gives you 5 stars at the end of the chapter.
  9. Untargeted "skips" the enemy turn by making you untargeted.
  10. Have fun! Watch video if you cant follow my steps! 

See The Video:

Credit By : PWNTHIS
Editor By : ™VIP Cyberz Team™


7 komentar


download file marvel.ct dmana gan??
gk ada


gunakan string..........
gunanya sama seperti text.....


ga ngerti bos marvel avengers.CT nya dari mana

master_arif 27 Mei 2012 01.36

nice cheats...
hope can hack silvers too


ud DL ct nya bgmn pakainya ya? bgt diopen ktnya bkn valid cheat, dibuka di lua ga bs juga.. tlg penjelasan thnx

master_arif 1 Juni 2012 21.54

dah kna pacth...x payah guna da hack nie

Cornelisz 17 Juni 2012 15.43

cara download nya gimana gan?

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